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NAMA 2in1 Matte Booster Face Spray

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2-in-1 Matte Booster Face Spray is a face spray to control oil and shine with an instant matte finish. This product can also work double as a setting spray. Formulated in Korea, this product is infused with KAKADU extract with 100x higher vitamin C to brighten the skin more efficiently and could work as an anti-aging. You can spray it directly into the face after your skincare routine to lock all the skincare function & moisture or you can spray it right after doing your makeup to prevent the makeup melt away during the day.

2-in-1 Matte Booster Face Spray adalah face spray dengan hasil akhir matte yang mampu mengontrol minyak pada wajah sehingga bisa juga digunakan sebagai setting spray. Produk ini diperkaya dengan ekstrak KAKADU yang memiliki 100x vitamin C lebih banyak daripada ingredients natural lainnya, sehingga mampu mencerahkan wajah dan juga sebagai anti-aging.

Out of stock